Identification Surveys

East Coast has a great deal of expertise in Identification surveys; they are usually required as an inclusion in a contract of sale to determine the position of buildings on the land.

Carried out under the supervision of a registered surveyor, these surveys show the position of buildings in relation to boundaries, easements, structures on adjoining properties near the boundary, as well as providing details of any boundary encroachments.

The completed survey is supplied as a written report and drawing.


Contour & Detail Surveys

A Contour and Detail Survey depicts the layout of land and structures in a 3D model. This information is required before commencing any building or land related projects. The information is used by Architects, Engineers and House Designers in the design of buildings or extensions and major civil works. Our capability covers the range from individual allotments to enable architects to design cottages, through to commercial and industrial sites, to greenfield sites of major residential developments.


Property Council of Australia's (PCA)

East Coast will prepare accurate and consistent measurements of tenancies in accordance with the Property Council of Australia's (PCA) guidelines.

Our services include:

  • GLAR - Gross Lettable Area Retail
  • GLA - Gross Lettable Area
  • NLA - Net Lettable Area
  • Other Areas - We can measure any areas that you specify

We are experienced in measuring areas in all types of tenancies including:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses and Industrial Buildings

Mining Surveying

Including establishing survey control, determining stock pile and pit volumes and subsidence monitoring due to long wall mining.

Rail Corridor Surveys

East Coast has been involved in a project to realign the track between Newcastle and the Queensland border.  This project has involved defining the existing rail corridor and creating new boundaries to fit the proposed realignment.